Our credit by exam program focuses on preparing students to test out of 6th grade  math. Classes meet twice a week, for one hour each. Our preparation includes math preparation for the Credit by Exam administered in July. A placement test is required to determine if we would recommend CBE preparation. We then customize a study plan to meet your child's needs based on the strengths and weaknesses identified in the diagnostic exam.

Math Credit by Exam: Grade 5

  • We follow the curriculum as set out by UT.


    The course outline is as follows:

    Objective 1: Number Operations

    Objective 2: Fraction and Decimal Operations

    Objective 3: Ratios, Rates and Percentages

    Objective 4: Integer Operations

    Objective 5: Financial Literacy

    Objective 6: Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities

    Objective 7: Multiple Representations

    Objective 8: Two-Dimensional Figures and Measurement

    Objective 9: Data and Statistics


    Please keep in mind, that the emphasis on each topic will be customized to match your child's areas of strengths and weaknesses. This means that if they come in and are very proficient at fractions and decimals, we will not spend class time on that topic (but will provide review practice if needed). However, if they need more work on a challenging topic (such as expressions, equations, and inequalties), we would spend more time on that. Our goal is to ensure that each child is prepared to the best of his/her abilities. 

  • We prepare students located in Katy ISD and Fort Bend ISD. 

    Be sure to register your student in May with your school counselor in order to appear for the exam.


Tel: 832-500-8025    Email: info@gurucool.com

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